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Counsellor in Bath


Often starting counselling can be unsettling. Reasons for why you seek therapy can be many. Maybe you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships with others or yourself, or maybe you are in a crisis. It can be enormously helpful to share what’s going on with someone else, someone who’s trained to look at things differently and who can help you process your thoughts and feelings. This in itself can offer relief from difficult feelings and thoughts and help you move forward in life.

Psychodynamic counselling, which I offer, is a long-established and trusted treatment for emotional difficulties. With the psychodynamic method, we will look at how your early experiences may have influenced how you relate to the present situation and to other people. Often we will uncover truths we did not know were present in us. This can also help change how we view ourselves and our past and present.

Psychodynamic counselling is commonly open-ended and long-term.  This means that we will have weekly sessions until they have served their purpose, but I will also consider time-limited work when appropriate.


Contact Me

Mobile: 07835814972


Address: George Street Therapy Rooms, 2nd Floor, 2 Prince’s Buildings, George Street, Bath, BA1 2ED

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